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Art education is for everybody, and creating art should be relaxing and fun, not stressful.  

That's the philosophy at The Blue Fox.


We aim to teach everybody – from total beginners to long-time painting enthusiasts – how to create paintings of their very own, and that everyone is an artist – they just have to let it out!


We take our step-by-step painting approach to various venues around the Twin Cities Metro – places we hand select that have something special to offer like friendly, inspiring atmospheres and delicious food.


Okay, so what REALLY makes The Blue Fox different from other painting classes?  We have a lot of fun, while placing an emphasis on art as therapy.  Art is needed more and more as people grow increasingly busier and detached from it. Creating art clears the mind, improves concentration, boosts confidence, and relieves anxiety. These are traits we strongly encourage in every one of our classes. We also teach real, fine art techniques the professionals use, so you actually progress as a painter. We walk around and help you problem solve, help you relax and let out your inner artist, and will even show you how to make personal changes to your piece to make it your own.


So pick a day that works for you from our "Calendar" tab, and register today!

For a full listing of our available paintings, check out out The Blue Fox Gallery.


Meet The Instructors

Andrew Diemand

Andrew grew up in Plymouth, MN and has been a long-time art enthusiast--frequently visiting museums and local galleries, and studying courses such as Fine Art, Visual Communication,  and Aesthetics at the University of North Dakota.  

Graduating with a degree in Communications has helped him with a variety of public speaking roles, from teaching art classes to hosting trivia.  


He has been involved with teaching painting classes since 2014 and currently resides in Minneapolis in a little bungalow with two cats and a little man named Escher August.

Family photoshoot xmas 2020_sunny portrait.jpeg

Aryn Lill

Aryn grew up in Detroit Lakes, MN and immediately fell in love with the art of drawing and painting from a young age.

Her family has owned and operated a small printing business in Detroit Lakes (Midwest Printing, Inc.) for nearly 40 years, which greatly inspired her to become an entrepreneur in the art industry.


In 2005, after graduating college, she began teaching fine art and has been cultivating a method of teaching ever since. What she loves most about teaching is inspiring others, building self awareness and esteem, creativity and individuality. 

Aryn also creates her own art, which can be found on her website:

Some of her deepest influences include Alfonse Mucha, Gustave Klimt, Dr. Seuss, Georgia O'Keeffe and Vincent Van Gogh.

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